Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Monday, 18 April 2011


Not related to last posts claim of tee designs (coming soon), I have some work on a T-Shirt!
Norwich based Punk / Rock band 'This Business is Closed' are using a Wolf in Car for their tour tees. These tees are a limited edition, so quite possibly won't be available post tour. I'm pretty stoked with the print and was quite excited to see them being snapped up by fans at their show last saturday (from which my ears are still ringing).

I was also lucky enough to meet fellow Norwich freelancer Lauren Marina, check her work out HERE.

Thanks to Rob and the band.


Now reading - Rework

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Staying with the simple fashion based imagery, here's my latest. Nice things inspire nice thoughts, yes sir, the simpler the better.

I have no commissioned work on at the moment, something I'm working hard to remedy, so my life is pretty easy going. Having not practiced any meditative excercise for a while now, I decided yesterday to go to a drop-in yoga class. As the class was asked to gently breath, relax and let go of the days work inspired stresses and concerns I found myself thinking "Crikey, compared to these tense business bods my life isn't nearly stressful enough, I should go home and get to work!".
A selection of tee-shirt designs are on their way :)

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Commissioned piece from late last year for a group of U.S supply marines! (Supply marines are the ones who get food and ammo supplies to the marines out in the field). The final image had lots of text on it; the code name of the team and their individual surnames, but that info has to stay confidential.

I was looking at a lot of Terry Dodsons comic book art while working on this one. I think it shows a little.

Glad they're back on air - Big Illustration Party Time!