Friday, 22 July 2011



Smash Skates 1st shop board. All standard sizes.

Available at Smash Skates, Beccles or online (soon).

Special thanks to Ash, Ellie, Felix, Adam and Baker the Cat.

1st run of 50 boards signed and numbered.

One of my 'do before you dies' can now be officially ticked off.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Portrait of Devendra Banhart, to be filed under 'Bands' in the Portfolio.

The look of Mr Banhart in this piece was inspired by the 'Carmensita' video, a favourite of mine. Added to that the aesthetic of the 'Cripple Crow' album insert.

As mentoned in this interview (5:50ish), Devendra Banhart prefers to leave background sounds in his recordings and just letting everything happen. I was thinking about this while carefully and meticulously arranging the elements of this image in Photoshop. Here there is little sponteneity unless intentionally created. This is something I'm going to try to remedy as everything being just right is getting on my nerves a little.


Symmetry spirit monster creation

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Last weekend I spent a lot of time under the roof of Norwich Arts Centre.
In the day time selling my wares at Clutter City Market and the evening soaking up the fantastic sounds of Sargasso Trio (after some good food at Franks Bar).
A day very well spent.

I was lucky enough to make aquaintance with a lovely creative couple: Jim Mortram and Sister Planet, my awesome stall neighbours at Clutter City.

Sticker gift from Sister P.

Jim's an award winning photographer of environmental social reportage stories and portraiture. Sister Planet (Laura Manfre) describes herself as a french illustrator and vintage lover.

Be sure to have a look on their websites, just click the names above.


Despite a reluctance to add to an ever growing list of usernames and passwords I've just signed up to Twitter.

Find me @_JoelBenjamin_

I'll no doubt use it to endlessly Retweet posts and Skateboarding snippets.


I may appear at Les Beaux Velos this coming Sunday at Upper St Giles Street, Norwich.

My part time retail job has me hooked on 12 hour long overnight shifts, one of which is that very same evening/night/following morning. Whether it would be a good idea to spend the day prior to that anywhere else but in bed is, as yet, undecided.


Just to throw a few more links in here:

The online shop is still going strong at -

Current musical obsession - Timber Timbre