Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Following on from the Audio entry comes this piece.

Inspired by my favourite road sign, and favourite on the road moment (as long as you're not going too fast and get to stop and watch the beautiful creatures). The last time a group of Deer stepped out in front of me whilst driving along was about 3 years ago when I worked for the Latitude festival at Henham Park, Suffolk. It was pretty special.

The mixture of modern music and Fauna is a curious one, which I like.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Illustration Friday - Wilderness

Not in fitting with my usual look, but on my week off from work (at M&S) I wanted to have a go at Illustration Friday.

The word is 'Wilderness', this is my response. Visually Inspired by Pro Skateboarder Chris Haslam.

Also, as a nod to Bill Bailey in the classic comedy 'Black Books', thats a Subutteo man nestled in there.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Two pieces here from 2009 that where left unblogged. Mainly due to my not really being into them upon completion, at the time. Now I look back at them, I don't mind them so much.

Both pieces where for the Epoch Times Poetry analysis column.

There are some more of these in other folders, but they'll being staying there forever more.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Latest show piece specifically for my Portfolio. This one took a while, especially due to the Checked Flannel Shirt. I'm glad it's now complete and am well pleased with it.

Largely inspired by this much loved Portrait, the animal can be seen as representativeof the figure's character or quality.

If I were to put a soundtrack to this image, it'd be - Felt Mountain by Goldfrapp
and/or perhaps anything that brings to mind that Grand Outdoors feeling (Songs with 'Mountain' in the title will do).

Ok, its around 5pm and I still havn't put pencil to paper yet today!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Happy New Year to All!!

2009 was a good one for me and I'm optimistic about all that 2010 may have in store.

Heres the latest piece for the Epoch Times UK edition, published today.

An Extract from 'The Nightingale' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

"No cloud, no relic of the sunken day
Distinguishes the West, no long thin slip
Of sullen light, no obscure trembling hues.
Come, we will rest on this old mossy bridge!"

A bit of moody Landscape to kick off the year. I tried to focus on the atmosphere as much as possible, its my favourite aspect of scenic environments.

Original Rough.

I was really excited to include the element of reflection in this piece, it's such a beautiful subject in itself. M.C. Escher did it well with this one.

Alternate composition idea.

It's all Snow here in Norwich right now, pretty to look at but very unforgiving to the humble Track Bike rider :(

Posture Study.

You can see the actual newspaper page online here.