Monday, 28 March 2011


It's good practice to, every so often, take a break from what you usually do and have a dabble in something else. Here's me not drawing but messing around with digital photo collage instead. The infinite beauty and wonder of the natural world is the theme. Now I think of it, I may draw some of these, or something similar. It might be interesting to further remove the images from the original photo sheen & perfection.

Speaking of taking a break, I've just got back from a weekend away, hiking and climbing in the peak district. It was a flawlessly glorious good time, I hope to do it again soon as it's cleared out my head a treat. Up a big hill or small mountain you don't have to think because you're so stimulated by everything around you, but in such a better way than if you're absorbed in a film or computer game. It puts city life back into perspective and is generally very good for the soul. So says I.

Just bought and thoroughly digging - King of Limbs

Monday, 21 March 2011


A quick illustration for the cover of Lost Boy issue 2, a norwich based zine by good lad Liam Drane. Lost Boy documents Music, art, photography, skateboarding and plenty more.

The brief was to bascially draw whatever ideas I had regarding the words 'Lost Boy'. Since these guys were discovered I've been thinking about native, historical and lost cultures. Added to that, recent interest in horses and the wild west led to the image of the young Native American.

Two cover variations are printed for each issue. Another Norwich skateboarder/illustrator Janusz created the alternate cover image. His blog here.

Rough idea we didn't go with.

You can buy yourself a copy of Lost Boy at Cherry Cherry, Drugstore or online here! I'm sure I've seen it in Soundclash too.


Really pleased to be reading - How to be Idle, Tom Hodgkinson (thanks Oxfam book shop!).

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


New fashion based pieces. Simple and straightforward, that's what I like at the moment. Just images.

Yes, I posed for this one.

No, I don't know this lady, she's from an older post at The Sartorialist. Still nice though, huh?

Last week I read a book on the philosophy of Aesthetics. I decided to buy the book in hopes of improving my understanding of the visual arts and maybe get an insight into what I myself am trying to do.
I'm sure I understood the most of it, but it tied my brain in knots at the same time. What did help me was learning that most theories and conclusions were drawn by critics upon looking at and examining a piece of artwork. They were all retrospectively formed theories.
I realise that I'm more concerned with the creative process and idea conception. I often worry myself with what a piece will mean before I've even put pencil to paper, and what it may say about me as a person. On reflection, I'm just going to churn them out and worry about any meanings and implications later, if at all.
Here's to more of the same!

Digging - Forty Ounce Clothing

Friday, 11 March 2011


Mention over at Lostboy zine blog. More on this soon.

Browse the whole of Lostboy blog, here.

Friday, 4 March 2011


Covertly phone snapped a little advertising I got in this months Creative Review. wohoo!

Lets hope it works.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Illustration for the March issue of 'Triathletes World' magazine. The article is all about how to train during winter without getting too bored.

Thanks to Marc at Natmags.

Best music I've ever discovered through a computer game - Enter the 37th Chamber.