Sunday, 11 September 2011

IF - Mysterious

Late entry for (last weeks) Illustration Friday. The word given was 'mysterious'. I've wanted to draw a smoke obscured face for a while now and as I developed this idea it grew into a full on film noir scene image.

I've recently been struggling with what to draw next. Usually having none or too many ideas at once. I think I'll stick to I.F. for a while as it's really draws on ones inventiveness and problem solving skills.

If you have no work on it also works very similarly to a little commission as you're given a brief (a very brief one at that) and have a deadline of the coming friday. It's good.

Many roughs.

Since watching Richard Ayoade's film Submarine, I've had a little obsession with the lead female characters hairstyle. I finally got to put it to use in this piece.


Want to see next - The Troll Hunter


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