Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Happy New Year to All!!

2009 was a good one for me and I'm optimistic about all that 2010 may have in store.

Heres the latest piece for the Epoch Times UK edition, published today.

An Extract from 'The Nightingale' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

"No cloud, no relic of the sunken day
Distinguishes the West, no long thin slip
Of sullen light, no obscure trembling hues.
Come, we will rest on this old mossy bridge!"

A bit of moody Landscape to kick off the year. I tried to focus on the atmosphere as much as possible, its my favourite aspect of scenic environments.

Original Rough.

I was really excited to include the element of reflection in this piece, it's such a beautiful subject in itself. M.C. Escher did it well with this one.

Alternate composition idea.

It's all Snow here in Norwich right now, pretty to look at but very unforgiving to the humble Track Bike rider :(

Posture Study.

You can see the actual newspaper page online here.

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