Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Latest piece for the Epoch Times Uk, print edition. Published today, 10/03/10.

The Antidote—Classic Poetry for Modern Life.
A reading of 'The New Birth' by Jones Very

"The portals open to the viewless wind
That comes not save when in the dust is laid
The crown of pride that gilds each mortal brow,
And from before man's vision melting fade"

I had a six hour turnover for this one, and the request for the shape to be 'really tall and slim'. After a really joyless time inking the linework (out of practice), the rest of the image seemed to come together a treat!
Depicted is the poet himself, who suffered a mental collapse during his time at Harvard University. Claiming himself to be 'the Second Coming of Christ, which resulted in his dismissal from Harvard and his eventual institutionalization in an insane asylum' (wiki).

PS. - Hasty Pizza hunger has caused me to just burn my hand on the Oven again.

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