Tuesday, 31 March 2009


A new image for the Homepage of my Portfolio site, which I've just updated for 2009 www.joelbenjamin.co.uk.

I wanted to move on from using the simple self portrait on the homepage, and move on from focusing on just head and shoulders portraits so much too. So this I thought would make a fun image of me as I like to see myself at present.

If there is any story behind the picture, its that I very much like my bike and ride it at least every other day.
I bought the Bike initially as a continuation of my enjoyment of skateboarding, but as something a little more practical and easy going. It has two cogs on the rear wheel, one either side. One is fixed, and if you flip the wheel round, the other lets you freewheel.
Initially I was interested in riding fixed gear but find that it takes a lot of concentration. This isn't a problem in itself, it's just that what I love about riding a Bike is that you can be carefree, look around, take in the sights and even whistle a fancy tune if you like. So I ride this way so that I can get some good excercise in and not miss out on anything inspiring I may spot on the way.

Just in case you where wondering; "Dang! what are those rather fetching sneakers Joel has depicted?", they're my Emerica Jerry Hsu's, which I picked up from the lovely local Smash Skates.


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