Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Latest Poetry Analysis piece for the Epoch Times UK, published today.
An Extract from 'The Song of Hiawatha' by Longfellow

"He had moccasins enchanted,
Magic moccasins of deer-skin;
When he bound them round his ankles,
When upon his feet he tied them,
At each stride a mile he measured"

Second Illustration in recent weeks that uses a low angle shot of a male head ('Awake' was the first). I've had enough of these for now, maybe I should do birds eye view shots next as a remedy.

The aforementioned moccasins, I might get some.


Anonymous said...

I want a pair of those moccassins please...

Megan said...

I didn't mean to make that anonymous - it was Megan, send them to Megan please!