Friday, 19 February 2010

Further Foxes

I met a recent Fine Art graduate yesterday. In talking about the subject I was reminded about how much Contemporary Fine Artists have to explain their work. I don't mean 'explain' as in justifying a piece being 'Art' to a bewildered public, but just the practice of backing up each decision made in the creative process.
I used to practice this a lot, but in Illustration it becomes less needed. The image works as an aid to a text (traditionally), an extra piece of accompanying communication. Any explanation needed should lie in the text.
An exception to this is in stand alone Illustration pieces (in my case this one).
I miss explaining my work. I'm going to try elaborating more in future posts.

I won't start here today.
These are just sketchbook practice pages.
Hope you like them.

My housemate's band, The Lost Levels, are on their UK tour right now. Watch a recent video of them HERE.

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