Monday, 22 February 2010


A Reading of 'The Scholar' by Robert Southey.

Most recent Epoch Times piece. Published two weeks ago, I've been feverishly tweaking the colour version ever since.

The two blue characters are Keats and Sappho, ghostly company of the solitary Scholar as he reads classical texts.
I chose a rather close up composition for this one, mainly to convey the intimate nature of reading alone and the sharing of thoughts and feelings that an author can create. If I read a lot, I often find the voices of characters becoming more developed in my mind, even more so with graphic novels. In this image I wanted the historic authors to be right near the reader, as if they are becoming part of his consciousness.

The colouring on the reader character developed into a sort of sepia look. The idea being that reading books is an age old practice, and the guy depicted is delving into history. The poem also has some content regarding the poem's author making their own place in history to come, or 'futurity' as it's put.

A good few commissions have come together recently, so I'm going to be busy in coming weeks. Luckily the bad weather is keeping me indoors, but like everyone else I'm pining for Spring to show.

Re-discovered Classic of the week! - Tower of Power, Urban Renewal

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