Monday, 13 April 2009


This piece was a last minute request from the Epoch Times to spruce up their otherwise run of the mill front cover teaser. So it was done rather swiftly but came out well due to my being well warmed up from drawing another piece for them earlier in the day.

The file I was sent as a reference to draw from was called 'HealthJuice_3.jpg', which gave me the impression that the article this image was run alongside was about the benefits of drinking lovely fruit juice.
When the paper finally came through my door however, I found it was quite the opposite, all about the risks to kids teeth, obesity levels, general health etc. I did wonder briefly if the general tone of the image would have come out differently if I had known this beforehand?
I will never know.

PS. Ths similarity in the titles of these last two posts was not planned.

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