Monday, 28 March 2011


It's good practice to, every so often, take a break from what you usually do and have a dabble in something else. Here's me not drawing but messing around with digital photo collage instead. The infinite beauty and wonder of the natural world is the theme. Now I think of it, I may draw some of these, or something similar. It might be interesting to further remove the images from the original photo sheen & perfection.

Speaking of taking a break, I've just got back from a weekend away, hiking and climbing in the peak district. It was a flawlessly glorious good time, I hope to do it again soon as it's cleared out my head a treat. Up a big hill or small mountain you don't have to think because you're so stimulated by everything around you, but in such a better way than if you're absorbed in a film or computer game. It puts city life back into perspective and is generally very good for the soul. So says I.

Just bought and thoroughly digging - King of Limbs

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