Monday, 21 March 2011


A quick illustration for the cover of Lost Boy issue 2, a norwich based zine by good lad Liam Drane. Lost Boy documents Music, art, photography, skateboarding and plenty more.

The brief was to bascially draw whatever ideas I had regarding the words 'Lost Boy'. Since these guys were discovered I've been thinking about native, historical and lost cultures. Added to that, recent interest in horses and the wild west led to the image of the young Native American.

Two cover variations are printed for each issue. Another Norwich skateboarder/illustrator Janusz created the alternate cover image. His blog here.

Rough idea we didn't go with.

You can buy yourself a copy of Lost Boy at Cherry Cherry, Drugstore or online here! I'm sure I've seen it in Soundclash too.


Really pleased to be reading - How to be Idle, Tom Hodgkinson (thanks Oxfam book shop!).

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